Originally scheduled to be held during the end of 2011 and later shifted to the last week of January 2012 ostensibly due to administrative reasons, the Tea and Tourism festival is likely to be postponed again.

The Hindu learnt on Wednesday that the organizers are in the process of finalizing a fresh date.

With the reasons for the postponements not being clear, many of those looking forward to the festival are expressing the apprehension that it may be shelved.

Wondering whether those at the helm of affairs are aware of the fact that the festival is associated with two of the most important economic activities of this small but significant district, they lamented that it was not being given the importance it deserves.

Reacting to the second postponement, representatives of the tea and hospitality sectors hoped that the organizers would put in extra effort to make it serve its purpose. With competition having become the order of the day “both tea and tourism sectors are badly in need of props in the Blue Mountains”.