Salem Bangalora, Imam Pasand, and Alphonso on sale

Shops selling different varieties of mangoes have started to come up along the roads in the city as the demand has begun to pick up for the ‘King of Fruits’.

Many shops have appeared along the Yercaud Main Road from Hasthampatti Roundtana to Gorimedu, where customers of all income-levels purchase the mango varieties they need.

“Fresh mangoes are available and bargaining allows us to get the best price,” says P. Alamelu of Hasthampatti.

Unlike in fruit stalls, where mangoes are kept in controlled environment, mangoes here are kept in open space but under the shade of trees.

Good mangoes can be easily identified and purchased in these shops, added Alamelu.

These shops usually come up during summer season selling seasonal fruits and engage in brisk trade.

“Since we need not pay rent, the benefit is extended to the customers who get the best price,” says Muthu, a shopkeeper.

He also ruled out using calcium carbide for artificial ripening of the fruit as customers demand only naturally ripened mango.

“Our customers trust us and we sell only good mangoes,” adds Muthu.

These shops have come up at many parts of the city as the season picks up. Salem Bangalora, Imam Pasand, Alphonso, Banganapali, Sendura were the most sought by customers.

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