Rising cases of break-ins and loss of valuables and cash from homes not only in remote areas but also in secure neighbourhoods is making it almost imperative for individual households to rely on technology for security.

P.P. Subramanian, of PP Associates, says security systems can be wired solutions, cordless gadgets or stand alone tools. In the case of wired systems, the minimum cost is Rs. 25,000 and are easy to install in new constructions. Several Indian made and Chinese imported systems are available in the market.

In these, passive infra red sensors for French doors, magnetic contact for doors, sensors for windows, and perimeter security signal for the compound wall are connected a control panel. The panel is connected to external and internal hooters to raise an alarm in the case of a break-in attempt.

It is also connected to the landline telephone at home. In the case of a burglary attempt, a pre-recorded message is automatically triggered to the owner's handset from the phone. The alarm is raised even if a key is used to open the doors by anyone other that the house owner.

While several large bungalows and independent houses in the Rs. 50 lakh and above price are going in for security systems, not many small and medium-scale houses are going in for these systems. However, the necessity is more for these houses, he says.

For the constructed houses, the same system can be installed with cordless gadgets. However, the price will be higher, he says.

The system can be extended to include alerts through internet or to have recorded visual images captured through cameras too and the price will vary, depending on the additions. The basic system can be connected to the police station too, apart from the owner's mobile. However, the police is yet to provide provisions for this facility, he adds.

Houses can also have single key for the entire house or have digital locks for doors. Commercial outlets here have cameras but not many have security alarms, he says.

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