With Mohali holding centre stage and people of the sub-continent in general and the cricketing fraternity in particular waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the India-Pakistan clash in the semi-final of the World Cup on Wednesday, here is a person wishing Team India good luck in a ‘sweet' way, with a display of homemade chocolates.

Known for his campaign to promote the ‘home of homemade chocolates' reputation of this vacation destination, M.Fazloor Rahman, a manufacturer on the Government Botanical Road, who had successfully organised the first chocolate festival featuring 101 varieties in December 2010, told The Hindu on Tuesday that the display was, “my way of paying tribute to the Men in Blue who have come so far in the tournament and wishing them all the best for the match”.

Using 55 kg of dark chocolate, Rahman had taken three days to make a replica of the World Cup, a map of India, helmet, bat, ball, pads, gloves and stumps.

Medicinal qualities

Pointing out that homemade chocolates have over the years become a major tourist attraction here, Rahman, who has undergone online training from a Canada-based manufacturer, said that contrary to the notion that chocolates were taboo for health conscious people, there were many medicinal qualities in them. He said that the diet variety was in great demand.

Most of the world's best chocolates could be manufactured here, Rahman added.

In Coimbatore too, cricket fans wished the team good luck by signing on a banner.

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