For the last few days Podanur residents have been troubled by the quality of air they breathe. The residents say bad odour pervades the air. It also causes irritation on the eye and soreness in the throat.

The stench is so bad that the residents are unable to cook and have foot at peace, complains S. Nandakumar, a Sriram Nagar resident. The burning sensation on the eye has been there continuously for the past two days.


The residents are unable to even walk on the roads, for so unbearable is the experience, he adds.

Another resident said he was finding it difficult to keep the windows open.

Attributing the foul smell to the Vellalore compost yard, the residents want the Coimbatore Corporation to take necessary action to arrest the spread of the odour.

Sources in the Coimbatore Corporation say that the recent rains and the climate could the be the reason. They ruled out a fire at the dump yard.