Plea to contact Neighbourhood Police Officer

The need for staying in close touch with the police will help in pre-empting and preventing problems through pro-active means and staying away from police will only pave the way for reactionary efforts, said T.H. Ganesh, Inspector of Police (Law and Order) - Race Course Police Station.

He was addressing the residents, merchants, lodge owners and hotel proprietors, as well as call taxi and auto rickshaw drivers in Race Course police limits at an introductory meeting of the neighbourhood police scheme.

Mr.Ganesh said that Sub-Inspector S. Selvaraj is designated as the neighbourhood police officer for Kadalaikara Sandhu near the Collectorate post office, Dhandumariamman Temple, Uppilpalayam areas, Geetha Hall Road area, Arts College Road and State Bank Road.

Any problems faced by residents and merchants in the area could be brought to the knowledge of Mr.Selvaraj who will be in the area and could be accessed at any time at 94454-92135.

Any timely information can help in preventing the problem and sorting out issues, any delay in passing on information would only result in occurrence of an incident and thereafter it will have to be only a reaction.

The objective of the neighbourhood police system is to foster a better interaction and cordial relationship between the police and the people and ensure proactive means to turn the city a law and order problem-free and crime-free city.

The police can take all efforts, but the efforts turning meaningful largely depended on the public participation and co-operation.