A 10-year-old stag attacked the spotted deer in such a way that the latter’s intestines were out

Coimbatore Corporation Zoo authorities operated upon a one-and-a-half-year-old spotted deer that was injured in a mating process on Friday last.

According to Zoo Director P. Asokan, a 10-year-old stag attacked the deer in such a way that the latter’s intestines were out. The deer fell down and was battling for life. After workers at the Zoo noticed the injured deer, they informed him, Mr. Asokan said and added that by late afternoon he conducted a surgery that lasted for three hours.

He enlarged the hole on the deer’s abdomen, washed the intestines, administered antibiotics, put the intestines back in place and sutured the operated area.

The deer was sent back to the deer enclosure, where it will be under observation for the next 20 days. As of Sunday, the deer was healthy and showed signs of recovery.

Mr. Asokan said that the injured deer was born in the zoo. In the last two years, seven fawns were born there, he added.

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