Motor sport has been in their blood for long. And, they pricked their fingers time and again to make sure it was flowing smooth and fine as those cars on the tarmac terrain in Chettipalayam.

J. Balamurugan and Sajeev M. Rajan are die-hard motor sport enthusiasts. It is this enthusiasm that forced them to scroll the pages, browse the net and visit places, all for the love of the sport.

They have been actively involved in motorsports and are a part of the team that brought in many international events such as the Asian Zone Rally Championship, Asia Pacific Rally Championship and 2004 edition of the London Sydney Marathon, to name a few, to India.


The duo not only spent precious hours talking about cars and bikes but also came up with innovative ideas and inventions.

And, from one such brainy browsing popped out the amazing Unichip.

“We learnt about the chip and its availability and quite soon headed to South Africa for a two-week training session.”

“A lot was spoken about the theory of the engines. There were quite a few myths that got shattered as well. Trust me, today we have much more clarity on how modern engines function than before,” says JB.

The training was a real eye opener. And, after being thoroughly convinced they decided to bring the chip to India. Thanks to them, the city can now take pride in having ‘the first of its kind’ facility in the country now.

“Gone are the days when people used to tune cars by listening to the sounds of the engine. In fact, it was more an art than science. Not any more. Today, you can customize the car to your liking,” says JB.

Sajeev says with the cars going electronic it is very difficult to alter the parameters to one’s taste.

“It is here the Unichip comes to the rescue.”

The Unichip can be used in both petrol and diesel version of the cars.

Mini computer

“It is actually a mini computer that intercepts signals and alters accordingly. But we need to come up with creative interpretation to achieve best results,” he adds.

“You don’t have to permanently alter your car; you can reverse it any time. There are five profiles you can create and you can set them to your liking. You can even select these profiles through your blue tooth phone,” he adds.

There are some cars which are really underpowered. JB says they can normally be powered up further by about 15 to 20 per cent.

How about used cars?

“Nobody really bothers to find out about the engine condition before buying an old car or if the engine overhauling has been done right.

We can test it for you at a cost and can even issue a certificate. It is something like a treadmill test for a car,” says Sajeev.

That is not all.


Spitfire Performance also offers a special suspension system ‘Hotbits’ to suit a wide range of cars.

“There are many variants to the suspension. It can be adjusted according to the driver and driving conditions. We can even rebuild the shock absorbers at our full fledged service centre at Coimbatore. We have also tied up with a company in the United Kingdom for high performance alloy wheels and an Australian firm ‘AXT Turbo’ to enhance the performance of the non-turbo charged cars,” he adds.

“Spitfire Performance is also quite eager to prove its worth in racing and rallying. We plan to use these segments as our marketing tool,” he says.

“Today we are very clear as to what the gaps are. We want to develop this into a centre – the Spitfire Performance Tuning Centre – for tuning cars,” says JB.

The facility, which was inaugurated early this month, is capable of tuning up to 15 cars a day. But, we plan to start with just five.

Spitfire Automotive Performance Private Limited plans to appoint dealers across the country. For more details, contact JB at or Sajeev at

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