Presence of photographers encouraging Councillors to protest: Mayor

The Corporation Council on Monday decided to scale down the punishment it gave to Meena Loganathan (DMK) on Thursday last. At the end of Monday’s urgent meeting of the council, Mayor S.M. Velusamy said the DMK Floor Leader A. Nandhakumar made a representation in this regard. The council found Ms. Loganathan “guilty” of rushing to the well of the Council Hall, shouting slogans, and acting in a manner that was unbecoming of a Councillor.

A few AIADMK Councillors said that Ms. Loganathan should give an undertaking that she would henceforth act in a manner that would not affect the Council’s prestige.

The Mayor said that he was reducing from three to two the number of council meetings Ms. Loganathan was banned from attending.

The Mayor said that reporters should act and report in a manner that helped the smooth conduct of the Council meeting.

Photographers’ job was over as soon as they clicked a picture or two at the start of the Council meeting. They should not walk through the Council Hall thereafter as their very presence encouraged Councillors to protest and shout slogans to garner publicity.

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