Moderate rainfall increases inflow

The water level in the Siruvani Dam is inching upwards with moderate rainfall, according to official sources.

From 19.35 ft (against the full reservoir level of nearly 51 ft), the level rose to 20 ft. This is nearly 10 ft more than the level on June 7 last year.

But, the only difference is that the dam recorded no rain till 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, as against 142 mm last year.

What lends hope of the situation improving is last year's experience. From just 10 ft on July 7, the dam filled up and water overflowed from it on July 19.

But, for that to happen this year also, the South West Monsoon has to turn very vigorous soon, the sources point out. There was no overflow from the dam in 2008 as the monsoon was below normal. In 2007, the overflow was on July 8 and it was on July 4 in 2006.

Following are the rainfall figures so far this month: July 1 (10 mm), July 2 (30 mm), July 3 (20 mm), July 4 (35 mm), July 5 (7 mm) and July 6 (20 mm).

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