Deficit keeps Coimbatore Corporation on tenterhooks

The news from Siruvani has nothing to cheer about. The Siruvani Dam has 6.88 feet water as of July 4, a full month into the South West Monsoon.

The current water level is a cause for concern as it is nearly 25 feet lower than what it was during 2011. Water level data available with The Hindu reveals that as on July 4, 2011 the Dam had 31.69 feet water.

Water level

Exactly a year later, the level was only 6.88 feet, a fall of a little over 24 feet.

The deficit has been keeping the Coimbatore Corporation on tenterhooks as the civic body feeds more than 35 of its 100 wards with Siruvani water.

The deficit story continues from Day One of the start of the South West Monsoon this year. The data suggests that as on June 20, the deficit was 22.30 feet. As on June 30 it was 25.68 feet.

Coming in the backdrop of reports that the South West Monsoon has thus far been below normal, the deficit percentage across the country 29 and there are only 60 per cent chances for the monsoon to turn normal, the outlook for the Corporation is not positive.


This is reflected in the rainfall figures obtained from the dam. On July 4, the rain gauge at the Dam recorded 50 mm.

The highest reading the last fortnight was on June 20, when 65 mm rain was recorded. On other days the reading has been marginal. And on June 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, there had been no rain in the Dam’s vicinity.

The Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board on an average draws around 85 million litres a day to supply Siruvani water to a number of wayside habitations and also the Coimbatore Corporation. On days when the inflow into the Dam is not good, the Board draws only around 65 mld.

The Board engineers say that though the deficit appears to be huge, there is nothing to worry about and that the city’s water needs can be met. Corporation sources say that they are aware of the situation, are studying the water supply situation to look at alternatives.

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