Judge of the Mahila Court M.P. Subramanian on Thursday awarded double death sentence, three life terms and three years rigorous imprisonment to R. Manoharan, the second and lone surviving convict in the abduction, rape and murder of two siblings.

Commencing the pronouncement of verdict in a packed court hall at around 2.15 p.m., the judge said the accused during the cross examination under the provisions of 313 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) had accepted all that he had stated in his confessions before the Judicial Magistrate under the provision of 164 of CrPC.

Judge listed the number of prosecution witnesses who had deposed in the court for having seen the second accused with the first accused and the victim children. He said the prosecution had sought the highest punishment so as to serve as a deterrent, while the defence counsel had cited that the age of the accused, his family back ground and aged parents as mitigating circumstances for reducing the quantum of punishment. Though the court was agreeable to the circumstances cited by the defence, Judge said that considering the nature and gravity of the offence committed, said that it would not be fair on the part of the court to show any mercy on the convict.

He awarded life term and Rs 1,000 fine for the offences of conspiracy, abduction and rape besides three years RI for the offence of concealment of evidence while the highest punishment of double death came for the murder of the siblings. However, the sentences would run concurrently, the judge said. He added that the period detention/trial period shall be set off against the conviction under section 428 Criminal Procedure Code.

Sentence should instil fear in the minds of the criminals and confidence in the minds of the society, the judge said.