“Having traffic parks within school campuses will help students know traffic rules and road safety measures as they spend more than 10 years in school. Being reminded of road signals and traffic rules every day will inspire them to become responsible road users,” said Chief Traffic Warden (in-charge) and Deputy Chief Traffic Warden, Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Wardens Organisation (TPTWO), Coimbatore City, N. Kennedy.

He was speaking at the road safety patrol training programme for teachers organised by TPTWO, Coimbatore City, at Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Coordinators of Road Safety Patrol (RSP) units from around 250 schools attended the sessions conducted by trainers from TPTWO. The coordinators will in turn train students who are members of RSP units in their schools. The training programme covered three categories of road signs, mandatory, cautionary and informatory, and road markings, hand signals, and road safety measures.

According to RSP coordinator, TPTWO, Leonard Bernardin, around 12,000 RSP members from around 120 schools and 14 colleges were trained during the academic year 2011-12. The RSP members were trained to direct vehicles in and around school and college campuses and help students cross the road apart from encouraging them to adhere to traffic rules.

According to him, the RSP coordinators in schools were asked to come up with designs of traffic parks in school campuses and the project would be implemented soon. A demonstrative CD would also be distributed to schools to train students.

The programme was organised with the support of Rotary Club of Coimbatore Downtown, Noves STS, Bangalore, Mount Litera Zee School and Krishnamoorthy Charitable Trust.

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