Graffiti on roadside walls to attract people’s attention

The Corporation and a few NGOs are busy trying to create rainwater harvesting (RWH) structures to store water.

The latest in the series of efforts the Corporation, Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore (RAAC) and Siruthuli had taken was on Sunday – they had engaged two groups of volunteers to create graffiti on walls in R.S. Puram.

R. Raveendran of RAAC said that volunteers from Clean and Green City and My City, Clean City created graffiti with rainwater harvesting as the theme so as to create awareness among residents. C. Kishore of ‘My City, Clean City’ said that the organisation after permission from the Corporation decided to create graffiti on the walls so as to attract people’s attention and thereby create awareness.

S. Karpaga of Clean and Green City said that the organisation had cleaned walls and created graffiti to make people understand the importance of rainwater harvesting. In this effort, it had help from the RAAC and Siruthuli. The two representatives said that graffiti was a better way to communicate with people than just write slogans on the walls.

Mr. Raveendran said that the two teams would also repeat the work they did in R.S. Puram in a few other areas in the city in coming weekends.

Aside from the awareness creation part, the Corporation has asked people to rejuvenate rainwater harvesting if they had one or create new if they did not.

To rejuvenate the structures on its premises, it had sought Siruthuli’s help.

With the mandate from the Corporation, the Siruthuli had been repairing RWH structures not only on Corporation premises but also in various government establishments.

In the next few days, the builders at the Corporation’s request would conduct an exhibition to create awareness on rainwater harvesting. This was part of the awareness-creation drive, sources said.

In the past few weeks, the Corporation had conducted painting and rangoli competition for school students and had also conducted a seminar at the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The objective was to tap as much rainwater as possible during the monsoon so that the groundwater level improves and the quality increases, they added.

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