A city hospital has completed one year in performing laparoscopic surgeries using an advanced robotic arm high definition surgical system. The system enhances the precision and safety in laparoscopic surgeries by producing a high-definition 3-D image.

In a statement issued here, V. Venkatesh, who heads the team performing laparoscopic surgeries at V.G. Hospital, said that the ‘Einstein Vision Robotic Arm High Definition Surgical System’ has a dual eye telescope which renders high definition imagery and is mounted on a trolley with robotic arms. This system, he said, reduced the time taken for performing the surgery and the use of anaesthesia, besides reducing the recovery time for patients.


The V.G Hospital, he said, undertook a study comparing 2-D HD system and 3-D HD sytem to assess the effectiveness of laparoscopic procedures using these two systems.

A total of 600 patients were operated upon these procedures between April 2012 and April 2013 and the type of surgeries performed were hernia repairs, ventral hernioplasty and appendectomies. The evaluation, he said, found that the operating surgeons faced lesser stress while using 3-D systems.

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