It will connect all the arterial roads in the city

To ease traffic congestion and provide newer roads to the city residents, Mayor S.M. Velusamy has proposed a road along the Sanganur Canal, connecting all the arterial roads in the city. He first made the proposal at the January Council meeting.

The Mayor had said if the road were to materialise, it would link Mettupalayam Road, Sathyamangalam Road, Avinashi Road and Trichy Road.

He repeated the proposal at the ‘City Development Plan’ meeting at the Corporation on Wednesday. He said that in addition to the Corporation cleaning the Sanganur Canal, it would also lay a road along one of the banks to improve road connectivity.

The Corporation would append the proposal for the road to that of the Sanganur Canal for funds.

If the Union Government were to sanction it as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission project, it would take up the project. If the Government did not, the Corporation would still go ahead and take up the project by dipping into its coffers.

Mr. Velusamy said that the proposal was part of the larger move to bring in more roads to the city.

The Corporation had planned to develop scheme roads in the city by taking up two roads every year. In the ensuing financial year the Corporation would announce two scheme roads.

At the CDP meeting, the Mayor spoke about the Corporation’s decision to seek the State Government’s approval for a third drinking water supply scheme from the Pilloor Dam and a second scheme from River Aliyar.

As part of the Pilloor proposal, the Corporation had also sought a separate tunnel through the Kattan Hill. At present it shared the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board’s pipeline in the tunnel to take the Pilloor II scheme water.

As for the latter, the Mayor said that if the scheme were to materialise the southern parts of the city would get almost twice present quantity of water. At present, the areas are getting around eight million litres a day.

Elaborating on his proposals to improve water supply in the city, Mr. Velusamy said that the civic body proposed to replace water supply pipelines wherever they were old and good enough to meet the current demands.

One of the places identified was Kavundampalayam. “There the Corporation will improve the distribution network to such an extent that it was on a par with the water distribution system planned under the 24x7 water supply scheme.”

Regarding the search for a land for omni bus stand, he said that the search was on.

Members of the teams formed for drafting the City Development Plan offered their suggestions.

The consultants engaged for the purpose said that as the Wednesday’s meeting was the first, they were there to listen to the Mayor, officials and members of the various groups to take their inputs.

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