Coimbatore Corporation has revised the estimates for construction of apartments for conservancy workers in North Zone.

A resolution placed for approval at the Monday's Council meeting says that the Rs. 3 crore estimated in 2010 for construction of the apartments was inadequate due to cost escalation and other factors. Following five failed attempts to invite bidders to take up construction, the Corporation in 2011-12 revised the estimates to Rs. 3.10 crore and forward the proposal for approval to the Commissioner for Municipal Administration.

In the proposal the civic body had said that the State Government would contribute Rs. 1.50 crore under the Infrastructure Gap Filling Fund and the Corporation would bear the rest from its funds.

The CMA following revision in the Public Works Department's Schedule of Rates revised the estimate to Rs. 3.30 crore, asking the Corporation chip in with Rs. 1.80 crore.

The Council passed the resolution allowing the Corporation to float tenders with the revised estimates.

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