Members of the State Transport and Transport Corporations’ Retired Employees’ Welfare Association have petitioned the district administration to help them get their terminal benefits.

In their petition, they had said that they had retired from the Coimbatore Division office but had not got their retirement benefits.

For those who retired after April 2011, the Corporation had not yet disbursed gratuity. And for those who retired after September 2010, it had not given the dearness allowance to date. Not just that, the Corporation had not given commutation since June 2011 but was deducting the amount for the same. This meant that the Corporation was deducting money for the benefit it had not given the retired employees.

Further, the retirees said that the Corporation used the money it deducted from employees for social security fund for administrative expenses and did it not give the same at the time of retirement, as it ought to. Such measures had pushed many a retiree to penury.

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