Water from toilets of over 40 houses flows into damaged septic tank

Residents of the Government Servants’ Residents’ Welfare Association have urged both the Tamil Nadu Housing Board and the Coimbatore Corporation to clean the septic tank and the pipe that connects it to the Corporation’s sewage network.

P. Karunakaran, president of the Association, said that for the last couple of months, the residents had been knocking on the doors of both the organisations for a solution to their problem.

Water from toilets of over 40 houses flowed into the septic tank, the roof of which is damaged. From there emanates foul odour, which is unbearable.

Residents of flats close the tank were living in an unhygienic atmosphere, with the odour as constant companion.

It was not just that the septic tank was damaged. The pipe from the tank that takes the waste to the Corporation’s sewage network was also choked, he said.

Residents said that the residents had taken up the issue with both the organisations but were awaiting a solution.

S. Gopalakrishnan, Secretary of the Association, said that their pleas to the Corporation had resulted in the civic body saying that they could not take up the work until the Tamil Nadu Housing Board handed over the tank to them.

Mr. Karunakaran said that when the residents represented the matter to the district administration authorities, they had asked the officials of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board to clean it at the earliest.

Officials of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board could not be reached for their comments.

The residents also said that the Corporation should be more regular in clearing the garbage in the area. For, in front of the two unoccupied flats, garbage remained strewn around.

The area comes under Ward 41 of the Coimbatore Corporation. Sources in the civic body promised to attend to the issue at the earliest.

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