With the civic administration intensifying its drive to collect tax dues some of the affected people took to the streets on Thursday.

In keeping with the municipal rules which stated that all the consumers of municipal water should pay taxes, the civic authorities had a couple of days ago disconnected water supply to many houses in the Raj Bhavan area which were maintained by the Public Works Department (PWD).

In protest against the action of the Municipality the occupants of the houses who were employed in various government departments staged a demonstration opposite the Collectorate here on Thursday.

They also submitted a memorandum to the district administration in which they claimed that the families residing in the area had received water supply only on alternative days till about 12 noon for the past about four months and supply had been stopped since March 22.

Meanwhile the Municipal Engineer Ramoorthy pointed out that about 362 families were residing in about 88 quarters and for several years no payment had been made for the water consumed.

The total dues for each quarters worked out to about Rs. 8,500.

Pointing out that the municipality has been approaching both the PWD and the occupants for payment of arrears, he claimed that the water consumption was unauthorised.

He feared that if others also adopt the same attitude towards water supply the civic administration would be put in a spot.

The arrears now was running into crores of rupees.

He added that as far as payment of tax for amenities like water is concerned there cannot be different sets of rules for the people.

However the Raj Bhavan residents alleged that prior notice had not been issued to them.

In addition to this, they said that since no such payment had been made for years together they cannot be expected to pay for the previous occupants.

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