The State Government has come out with relaxations in the building regularisation scheme that it announced last year. These are applicable to structures constructed on or before July 1, 2007.

District Collector M. Karunagaran, who is also the chairman of the Coimbatore Local Planning Authority, has stated, in a press release here, that buildings that were constructed before July, 2007, with just approval only from the local body (without approval from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning) or without any approval, can get the buildings regularised by submitting an application within six months from June 26, 2013.

The Government has reduced the Infrastructure and Amenities charges (I and A charges) for residential, commercial, technology, special buildings, and group development buildings that are not multi-storeyed and do not have the approval from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning. The I and A charges that need to be paid for the regularisation have been reduced by 50 per cent.

Further, under the regularisation scheme, educational institutions that have to hand over the land under the open space reservation need not do so. They need not pay the compensation for that area too. However, they should not construct any structure on the plot and should not use it as play ground. The area should be used as a park.

The Government announced the regularisation scheme on October 30 last year. In an order dated June 26 this year, it has extended these relaxations so that more number of building owners can submit the applications to the Town and Country Planning Department.

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