The Tirupur-based Revathi Medical Centre has claimed to have performed a rare surgery to correct Kyphoscoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, on a 23-year-old woman M.Manimeghalai who hails from The Nilgiris district.

The surgery that lasted 12 hours was performed by spine surgery team comprising Gurusamy Nachimuthu, K. Dhanasekar, R. Raja and R. Eswaramurthi.

Mr. Eswaramurthi, managing director of Revathi Medical Centre, told reporters that the deformity to the spine of the girl was found progressing over the period and she had severe pain that restricted her movements.

“She has been admitted to the hospital with twisted spine, short trunk and early myelopathy (ie nerve dysfunctions),” he said. The surgery was performed only after briefing the patient as well as her parents of the risks in the surgery like its long duration, possibilities of paralysis and massive blood loss.

Post surgery, the spine curvature of the girl has returned to near normal range. The patient, according to the hospital sources, can return to normal activities after six months.

“If patient has come at an earlier stage, the magnitude of the surgery could have been much lesser,” Dr. Eswaramurthi said.