For the second consecutive day on Wednesday, the people of Coimbatore continued to get the good news from above in the form of rains.

On Tuesday, the skies opened up around 3.30 p.m. bringing the much needed relief to the residents, who, for around 30 days, continued to bear the scorching sun that sent the mercury inching towards 40 degree Celsius.

Though the rain was for half-an-hour or so, it brought down temperature at night to give the residents respite from heat.

The situation continued on Wednesday as well, as round 2 p.m. it rained in the city. Downpour continued for around half-an-hour leaving the roads flooded with rainwater. Motorists and pedestrians were forced to run for cover.

Low-lying areas were flooded and water remained stagnated at very many places. At places where the Corporation had dug roads for constructing storm water drains and laying underground drainage pipelines, the road users had a tough time wading through water and slush.

At many places vehicles got stuck in the water-covered pits the Corporation had dug for executing the aforementioned works.

Fire and Rescue Services personnel said no incidents of tree fall or accidents were reported on Wednesday. The Coimbatore City Police also said there were no rain-related incidents.

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