Siruvani Reservoir receives 47 mm of rainfall

For the second day on Thursday, the city and its outskirts received heavy rain forcing people to remain indoors.

The overnight incessant rains had inundated a few areas but officials said that there were no reports of flooding.

The Corporation officials kept a watch over the subways to pump out water to clear the passages for traffic.

Heavy rain was also reported in Siruvani and its foothills.

According to sources, the Siruvani Reservoir received 47 mm and foothills 42 mm. On Wednesday, there was good rain in the Reservoir and the water level had not come down.

On an average, the level comes down from eight to 10 cm as the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board draws 65 million litres a day. The rains had increased the water storage by 10 cm and that has off set the drop in level due to withdrawal.

The sources also said that the rains had eased the pressure on supply of water through bore wells due to decrease in demand for water for non-drinking purposes . The Corporation did not have to operate the bore wells for long hours.

On Thursday, Pollachi received the maximum rainfall (40 mm) in the 24 hours that ended 8 a.m. Thursday. The Tamil Nadu Agriculture University received 25 mm. Valparai PAP received 30 mm rainfall and the Valparai Taluk office-20.50 mm. The average rainfall was 19.98 mm.

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