A little away from the Textool bridge, at Lakshmipuram, bad roads brought heavy vehicle traffic to a standstill on Sunday and Monday in that area.

With a concentration of residential and industrial buildings, the area is one of the busy neighbourhoods in the city. The Corporation recently completed underground drainage works at Lakshmipuram and had re-laid the road on the stretch. But the rains in the city on Sunday affected the area.

R. Prabhakaran, Councillor, told The Hindu that underground drainage works were carried out recently and a new road was laid for about 75 metres. There was a leak in the main drinking water pipeline for the last four days and it was noticed only on Saturday. Water leaking from the pipeline had affected the road. This was aggravated by the rain on Sunday. Rain water stagnated in the area because of a block in the underground pipeline.

Three trucks with construction materials got stuck on the damaged road and were removed on Monday. Corporation Mayor S.M. Velusamy visited the area on Monday and works are on to relay the road. “Works have already started and all the problems will be attended to and it will be set right in two days,” says Mr. Prabhakaran.

Similarly, a recently laid road in SNV Gardens off Nanjundapuram Road also started sinking ever since the first spell of rain on October 9 night. The sinking further worsened with the rain on Sunday night and vehicles started getting stuck on Monday. Roads dug up for Under Ground Drainage (UGD) scheme and are yet to be re-laid have suffered extensive damages posing a tough time for the motorists.

In Tirupur

The district experienced good rain from Sunday evening to the early hours of Monday.

Following stagnation of water in low lying areas and mosquito menace being high across the district, the Department of Health had asked the public not to allow rain water to stagnate in tyre pieces or unclosed cans.

“It should be noted that Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads dengue fever and chikungunya breed in clean water and bites during the day hours,” health department officials pointed out.

The officials also had asked the public to use mosquito repellents and wear clothes covering the body as far as possible to avoid mosquito bites during the day hours.

The district received 213.5 mm rainfall, with an average of 30.5 mm, during the 24-hour period ended at 8.30 a.m. on Monday.

Following is the rainfall recorded by various rain gauge stations: Avinashi – 39.5 mm; Tirupur – 11; Udumalpet – 61; Palladam – 44; Dharapuram – 38; and Mulanur – 20 mm.

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