The Public Works Department, under the Sarabanga Scheme, has undertaken the work of renovation and repair of Raja Vaikkal, which has been converted into a massive cesspool of garbage and silt in the city.

“The works are progressing well,” said Assistant Executive Engineer Vedanayagam.

Residents have been demanding that the channel should be cleaned up, for it has been silted up and turned into a major garbage dump yard, resulting in various issues related to health.

Mosquitoes have been rendering the areas through which the channel goes, difficult to live in. Rainy seasons have remained nightmares.

Heeding their demand, Veerapandi MLA A. Raja allotted a sum of Rs. 2.70 crore from his MLA Development Fund.

Works were taken up near Kondalampatti for a distance of 1.64 k.m.

Concrete bunds were being constructed and slabs provided.

Once the works were completed, the problems of locals would be solved, said Srinivasan of Salem Corporation.

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