Police Commissioner, Coimbatore city, C. Sylendra Babu on Thursday handed over recovered stolen property worth Rs. 66.92 lakh to the rightful owners.

Following incidents of house breaking, robbery, way-laying, chain snatching, bag snatching, two-wheeler and four-wheeler thefts, Mr. Sylendra Babu constituted special police teams under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police, N. Kamini (Crime and Traffic).

The teams arrested 54 persons and resolved as many as 95 cases. Of the Rs 77.25 lakh property lost, the police have recovered Rs 66.92 lakh. The cases resolved included one case of way-laying and robbery, 13 cases of burglary, 22 cases of chain snatching/gold jewellery stealing, 34 cases of two-wheeler lifting, seven cases of four wheeler theft, 12 cases of bag snatching and five other cases.

Later speaking to reporters, Mr. Sylendra Babu said that people in residential areas should remain alert and help police in combating crime. The Commissioner also said that the police are mulling over the idea of introducing chilli powder spray to immobilise the criminals. He also reiterated the need for safety locks and view finders on doors to ascertain the identity of the person knocking the door and burglar alarms to alert the neighbours. He reminded that the police would apprehend the criminals but public participation is a must for preventing crimes.

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