If you are experiencing redness in the eyes along with pain, blurry vision, appearance of halos around lights/bright objects and nausea besides vomiting, it is time for you to take a comprehensive eye check up as there is a good chance of glaucoma. And if you are a diabetic above 40 years of age or change spectacles frequently or have eye power in high minus numbers and most importantly have a family history of glaucoma, then you are in the high-risk category.

On the occasion of World Glaucoma Week, observed between March 10 and 16, ophthalmologists are urging people to keep a close watch on the condition of their eyes.

Often referred to as the ‘silent thief of sight’, Ganesh V. Raman of Aravind Eye Hospital here says, glaucoma is a disorder that damages the optic nerve of the eye and may lead to permanent loss of eyesight.

A healthy eye produces a fluid called ‘aqueous humor’ at the same rate at which it drains. However, when the system is blocked, high pressure occurs and the fluid cannot drain at a normal rate.

With no way to relieve the pressure, it keeps building up and pushes against the optic nerve, which is responsible for eye sight.

This extreme pressure can permanently damage the nerve fibres leading to loss of vision.

Once detected, he says glaucoma can never be completely cured and treatment would only prevent further worsening of condition. As such, he suggests that everyone should take eye check-ups frequently even without any symptoms.

Quoting World Health Organisation, Dr. Raman estimates the prevalence of glaucoma in India to be 2.6 per cent. India women are found to be more prone to glaucoma, especially ‘angle closure glaucoma’, in which the iris blocks the outflow of ‘aqueous humor.’

Free eye camp

The Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital here is conducting a glaucoma screening camp free of cost from March 13 to 16 jointly with Lions Clubs International, District B324 B5 to mark the World Glaucoma Week.


Vasan Eye Care Hospital and Coimbatore Glaucoma Forum are organising a rally on Thursday (March 14) around Race Course Road. Students from various colleges in the city would be taking part.