Based on the data, farmers can make their sowing decision for Adipattam

The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has forecast price for kharif crops, for which the sowing season in Tamil Nadu is June-September (Adipattam).


The harvest period for these crops is October-December.

DEMIC has said that the price of maize will be around Rs. 1,400 a quintal during the harvest season. With arrivals from Karnataka to enter the Tamil Nadu market in August, the existing price of Rs. 1,500 a quintal is expected to drop.


The sowing of kharif crop is progressing in all the major maize growing States of the country, and expected normal monsoon will increase the maize areas in the current season.

Red gingelly is expected to be priced between Rs. 72 a quintal and Rs. 76 a quintal during the harvest period. Nearly 70 per cent of gingelly is cultivated during the kharif season in Tamil Nadu.

While white gingelly, which is highly priced, is preferred for export, red gingelly is used for oil and black gingelly is used for confectionaries.

The price forecast was made by DEMIC based on the analysis made at the Sivagiri Regulated Market.

Groundnut pods in the Sevur Regulated Market of Tirupur are expected to be priced around Rs. 46 a kg. Kernels are expected to be in the range of Rs. 58 a kg to Rs. 60 a kg in the Tindivanam area. More than 60 per cent of the rainfed groundnut is grown in the Adipattam season.

Farm gate price of small onion is expected to be around Rs. 45 a kg during the harvest period.


The best quality bulb is round shaped with a diameter of 27mm and above, and the colour is pink to red.

From April to June this year, the farm gate price of shallots was between Rs. 45 a kg and Rs. 80 a kg because of lesser arrivals.

Arrivals from Karnataka have started and will continue till end of this July, but their quality is not good due to damage caused by rain.

Based on this price forecast, farmers are asked to make their sowing decisions. For details, contact DEMIC on 0422-2431405.

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