Consumption of power in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts has increased by nearly 300 MW during the last few months, according to official sources.

The two districts have a large number of industries, apart from the domestic, agricultural and commercial service connections.

The sources said there are instances of demand going up to 1900 MW. Even in Coimbatore city, the demand is up by 30 MW to 50 MW in summer compared to other months because of higher use of air conditioners and fans.

Unlike other States, the feeders here are not segregated for agricultural or industrial sectors.

It is mostly mixed load and hence it is difficult to say the segments where the demand has increased.

In the city, industrial demand is relatively less and the main consumers are domestic and commercial. The demand is usually higher in the city in summer. Further, use of chargers for laptops, mobile phones, and tablets is going up and this is resulting in higher demand.

Consumers need to switch off the chargers when they are not used and this will help in energy conservation. Similarly, use of air conditioners is becoming common.

Change in lifestyle is another reason for demand going up, the sources said.

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