Though it is less than the 14 hour ordeal that people were put through earlier, a six-hour power cut a day is back to haunt the city after a brief improvement in the situation.

An official of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation said that wind and rain helped in improving supply last week. From anywhere between four to six hours a day, the situation has deteriorated to six or more a day now.

The corporation was supplying power continuously for fours hours a day to micro units. The continuous power supply was in slots to different industrial hubs in the city. This schedule was maintained as a priority to ensure that production was not affected much for the micro units because of power cut. The domestic and other connections in the industrial areas also received power supply according to the schedule.

The official said that in the case of longer hours of cut in supply because of problems such as breakdown, the corporation tries to compensate by reducing the regular load shedding.

During the last two days, load shedding for one hour early in the morning has resumed because of shortage in availability. According to data available on the Tamilnadu Transmission Corporation website, the loadshedding in the State on Saturday morning was 2,324 MW as against 1,585 MW five days ago.

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