Approval given for 5,418 sq ft; constructed: 14,470 sq ft

Local Planning Authority, Coimbatore, on Wednesday demolished a portion of a building that was under construction on 100 Feet Road.

According to LPA officials, following information that the owners of the building, which is close to Power House, had not adhered to the approved plan and were constructing the building in violation of rules, the officials demolished those portions that were without approval.

The officials said that the owner had obtained permission for constructing stilt plus three floors but was in the process of constructing two more floors.

The approved area of construction was supposed to be 5,418 sq ft but the actual constructed area at the time of demolition stood at 14,470 sq ft.

The officials also said that the violations also included set back area violation on the front, rear and sides, floor space index (FSI), plot coverage and height.

They also said that the plan approval document said that the building was supposed to have 12 shops but the officials found that the owner was constructing office complex. He had obtained plan approval on October 30, 2007.

The LPA served notice on October 26, 2012 and initiated action on Wednesday.

The LPA, in the recent past, had been initiating action against owners of buildings that were constructed in violation of rules.

It had joined hands with the Corporation on a couple of occasions in the past as well.

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