Water pipelines not wide enough to carry increased supply

Even as the Coimbatore Corporation is contemplating alternate day water supply for the city’s residents, those who live in and around Thudiyalur suffer poor water supply.

The Corporation in the last few days has been having abundant water, thanks to the very high water level in the Pilloor and Siruvani reservoirs.

On Thursday, water in the Siruvani reservoir overflowed, bringing joy to the Corporation and the city’s residents as such storage would ensure adequate water supply to the city till summer 2014.

Water level

Since the water level began rising in the reservoir, the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board began increasing water supply to the city.

From 20 million litres a day (MLD) in May-June this year, the Board improved the supply as the water level rose.

As of Saturday, the Board supplied 87 MLD to the city. And the Corporation supplied the water to the 40 wards that are dependent on Siruvani supply.

Along with Siruvani the Corporation also gets water from the Pilloor I and II schemes.

Put together the Corporation receives nearly 200 MLD.

With the supply, the Corporation will be able to supply water on alternate days, says a source and adds that the Corporation will start the supply in the next few days.

Residents of Thudiyalur and a few wards in the north of the city will have to be satisfied with once-in-18 days’ supply, though.

Incidentally, the localities also get water from the very Pilloor reservoir from where the other parts of the city also get water.

The sources say that though the Corporation has more-than-adequate water, it is unable to supply water to the aforementioned areas because the water supply pipelines are not wide enough to carry the increased supply.


Another issue in water supply is that the aforementioned localities do not have separate pipelines to carry borewell water.

This means that the Corporation will have to juggle between ‘salt water’ and drinking water supply to different wards.

Ward 1 Councillor V. Vathsala says that the other issue is that if the Corporation supplies water to Ward 1, it will not be able to supply drinking water or borewell water to Ward 2 or any other ward.

The sources say that the Corporation, with help from the TWAD Board is trying to improve water supply by replacing the pipelines. As and when the project gets completed, the Corporation will be able to supply water on a par with other areas.

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