Government Polytechnic College through its ‘Community Development Through Polytechnics' initiative will offer free training for both men and women.

The air-conditioning and refrigeration training, a man-only programme, is for three months. Electrician course, open for both the sexes, is of equal duration and so is the computer programme.

The woman-only tailoring and embroidery programme is of six months' duration. The decorative doll making course is for six months. Paper bag manufacturing programme is also for women and is offered for 10 days.

Screen printing, the last of the seven programmes, is open for both men and women and is for a month. The basic qualification for the aforementioned programmes is the ability to read and write.

The candidates should be less than 35 years.

Those interested can get in touch with the Principal and Project Co-ordinator, Government Polytechnic College, Avinashi Road, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore 641 014.

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