It generates e-challans for violations and e-documents offences

The city police are mulling a proposal to go in for multi-purpose hand-held equipment, running on a low-cost application called VIOLET (Violation, Prevention and Regulation Enforcement), to improve enforcement of road rules. It generates e-challans for violations besides e-documenting offences.

The application was demonstrated to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) T. Senthilkumar. After field trials under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) Pravesh Kumar, it is likely to be inducted into the force after City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan’s approval, the police sources said.

The police now have hand-held machines that generate a challan and receipt for violation of rules. But, the software on trial will have a facility to recapture previous offences, register and access all related information about the licence holder and the vehicle. The software is being developed by J. Shyam Jude of Analog and Digital Labs.

Officers at traffic junctions can key in the driving licence number, vehicle number and the motorist’s name in the system and immediately they have the complete details of the person. Integrated with a printer and magnetic card reader, the device will be able to give copies with details of offence and values of the penalty. It will also have electronic data capturing mechanism to enable the motorist to pay the fine using debit/credit card. When, integrated with the database of the Transport Department, the police officers can obtain more information about the offender and the vehicle.

An SMS/e-mail with the fine amount and the IPC Section under which the motorist is fined, with digital signature, and a snap shot of the offence/vehicle will also be sent to the offender.

The equipment will be integrated to the Traffic Signal Control System (ATLAS) as well so that police can easily co-ordinate with traffic signals to ensure way for emergency vehicles and even VVIP convoys. The system will also help locate stolen vehicles and nab criminals, during vehicle checks and is likely to become functional from February, the sources said.

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