City Police have also drafted manpower from Armed Reserve

The Coimbatore City Police have tightened the enforcement of road rules in a bid to ensure road discipline and road safety. The tightened enforcement in the last two days has resulted in the number of cases for road rule violations going up and netting fine amount in lakhs.

Following incidents of fatal accidents on city roads, City Police Commissioner T.P. Sundaramoorthy and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) T. Senthilkumar ordered for a crack down.

Accordingly, traffic sergeants are being positioned on all arterial and feeder roads in all the 15 police station limits. To supplement the efforts of the traffic police, the City Police have also drafted manpower from the armed reserve besides asking the Law and Order and Crime wings to get down to traffic rule enforcement during peak and non-peak hours on a rotation basis.

On the first day, the police registered as many as 1,453 cases of which 107 were for rash and negligent driving, 536 for overspeeding, 21 for drunken driving, 31 for driving without licence and 756 other cases netting a fine of Rs. 3,92,850.

On the second day i.e., Saturday, the police registered as many as 1,796 cases and the police netted a fine of Rs. 3.76 lakh.

Now, the heavy penalty is for driving without registration i.e., Rs. 2,500 and then Rs. 1,000 towards use of cell phone while driving or riding a two-wheeler and same is the fine for drunken-driving.

The focus of the police is now more on curbing offences such as rash and negligent driving, over speeding, stop line violations, signal jumping, no parking, lane discipline, use of cellular phones while driving/riding, drunken driving and overloading. The objective of such a rigid enforcement is to bring in a culture of compliance to road rules to make the city roads safer by ending death on roads.

The drive continued on Sunday as well. City Police have planned to step up the drive against road rule violations.

The City Police have also stepped up the visible policing initiative in an effort to ensure instant help to those in need and swift reaction in the event of a crime. Across the city in all the 15 police station limits, Police Commissioner T.P. Sundaramoorthy has instructed that policemen should be available in busy junctions from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and again from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Going by previous incidents of crime, busy shopping areas and areas where there are places of worship and educational institutions are situated, 85 locations have been identified for ensuring visible policing.

Police said that this measure would help in bringing down cases of robbery and chain and bag snatching.

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