Due to streamlining of the public examination system

Students who had taken the Plus Two public examinations this year might have a shorter wait for their results compared to the students of previous years.

While the results were announced during the second week of May last year, this year it might be announced several days earlier as the Department of Government Examinations is planning to complete paper valuation by April 10 this year, official sources told The Hindu on Tuesday.

Till last year, valuation camps were restricted to one per revenue district.

This year, it was expanded to one per education district. Tamil Nadu had 66 educational districts with Coimbatore having two – Coimbatore and Pollachi. While the valuation process began on March 21, the preliminary works commenced as early as March 11.

School Education Department officials credit this expeditious completion of valuation to the streamlining of the public examination system by the Directorate of Government Examinations. Apart from introducing bar-coded answer sheets, which eliminated several procedures, the valuation process was also simplified.

While till last year, the valuators had to prepare a mark sheet for 10 to 15 students at a time, this year, the marks were entered in the mark sheet and directly uploaded onto a Department portal by a bar-code reader.

This step alone had reduced the valuation time significantly.

Further, the Department of Government Examinations began to directly transport the answer scripts this year. Till now, it was done by the India Posts.

However, the official also added that while the valuation would be completed much earlier compared to the previous years, a final decision on announcing the results was yet to be made.

In Coimbatore district, 39,326 candidates took the Plus Two public examinations in 90 venues.