Cho Chweet, the new parlour in town is the place to go if your pet needs a makeover

One and a half year old Ashley, a white Lhasa Apso stands on a table. Though Ranjith Kumar is shaving off her white hair completely, she stands patiently without even flinching a bit. We are at Cho Chweet, a beauty parlour for pets that has just opened up in the city. Apart from the grooming table there is also a sparkling white bath tub with a geyser to give your pets a nice warm bath.

A grooming centre for both dogs and cats, Cho Chweet was started by three animal lovers — Abdul A Nassar, Suresh Chandra and Sudhakar C in 2010 in Chennai. With three branches in Chennai, this is the parlour's first branch outside the capital.

Ashley's owner N. Nidin is very happy that Cho Chweet has come to Coimbatore. “My friends had told me about the parlour in Chennai. A lot of people in the city are hesitant when it comes to keeping hairy breeds because they are difficult to maintain, but with a little bit of professional help, this becomes easier,” he says.

Meanwhile Binsy Bose has come in with his two kids to find out what the parlour has to offer his seven-month old German Shepherd. He gets an appointment for a Spa-treatment later in the day. The spa is the most popular service at the parlour.

The basic package comes with brushing, a warm bubble bath followed by a regular wash. Then the pet is put on the grooming table where his/her teeth are brushed thoroughly. The eyes, nails and ears are then cleaned. After which, the animal is blow-dried and the coat is given a complete brushing. The whole treatment concludes with a few drops of cologne. Clients can choose from a range of fragrances — French cologne, Simply silky cologne and herbal fragrances such as eucalyptus, citronella, lemon grass and lavender.

The add-on packages include de-matting and de-shedding that takes out the matted hair of pets without completely shaving their coat off. If you want you can also have your pets' nails painted! “We have all possible colours,” says Abdul.

“Handling these pets is the art. While dogs are relatively easy, cats are trickier. They tend to scratch. But our stylists are trained to handle pets of any temperament. We never use a tranquiliser or a muzzle on any of the animals,” says Abdul. Ranjith Kumar, Senior Stylist says, “Once the animal is brought to the grooming table, I can gauge its temperament.”

A common problem that pet owners face is tick infestation. To help deal with this problem, Cho Chweet gives a tick treatment regime that involves application of anti-tick medicines. Says Sudhakar, “Never pluck out the ticks. This can lead to skin infections. We wait for the ticks to fall off once the medicine is applied and then the pet is blow dried.” Suresh adds, “If an animal has ticks, then undoubtedly the home will also be infested with ticks, so it is essential for the owner to get the ticks out from his home also. This is why we keep our walls white. This way, we can detect if there are ticks in our parlour too. We ensure that a pet with ticks is always kept in isolation so that other pets are not affected.”

Different hairstyles, hair whitening and blackening are also undertaken. Dogs are also groomed for dog shows. Since each breed has different specifications given by the Kennel Club of India, the parlour helps your pet deck up for the show.

Price of services depend on the breed of the animal. There are various categories —Small, Small+, Medium, Medium+, Large and Large+ and Giants. Breeds such as Beagle, Chihuaha and Pugs fall into the small category while Great Danes and German Shepherds are in the Giants category.

Breeds like the Kerryblue Terrier fall into the exclusive category. Starting from Rs. 500 for the Small, the basic package goes up to Rs.1000 for the Giants. For both Country cats as well as Persian cats, the basic package is priced at Rs. 500.

Cho Chweet is located at No. 42, Bharathi Park 5th Cross, NSR Road, Sai Baba Colony. The timings are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For details, call: 0422-4388330/ 4388332/ 9941887877, log onto


MetroplusJune 28, 2012