Collecting details of people with whom one comes to contact can help to a great extent

With crime prevention not just confined to the police alone, rather a social process, police officials have started reaching out to people seeking their cooperation to reduce the possibilities of burglaries, thefts, and robberies.

The initiative had come in the wake of a large number of crime cases getting reported from many parts of the city, which holds a sizeable floating population.

City Police Commissioner N.K. Senthamarai Kannan asked people to get details of strangers found wandering around in their localities.

“Even the details of those who sell vegetables and fish should be collected,” he said.

The police had asked the representatives of residents' associations to ensure that no owner of the house lease out his premises to people without collecting the details and checking the credentials of them.


“The general tendency prevailing in Tirupur knitwear cluster is that building owners were most often bothered only about collecting maximum rental and least concerned about to whom the house was given out on rent. This greediness has helped many foreigners, who did not have valid travel documents, and criminals from other places to easily get shelter in the city,” say police officials.

The police have asked people not to let newspapers lie in front of their houses if they were going away.

“Newspapers lying in front of the houses for a long time can attract the attention of burglars,” officials said.

Two-wheelers should be parked with wheels locked. Personal details as well as photographs of those employed as domestic servants should be obtained.

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