A survey of 26,000 adults in South India has revealed that the prevalence rate of hypertension was 20 per cent. However, in 67 per cent of the respondents hypertensive remained undetected, according to A. Muruganathan, president of Association of Physicians of India.

High blood pressure, he said, had become an epidemic and was characterised as a “silent killer.


The patient, mostly, remained unaware of high blood pressure. “Just like one weighs his/her body, they must also regularly check their blood pressure. People should adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a salt-restricted, fat-free diet, increase intake of fruits and vegetables, indulge in exercises such as walking, yoga and meditation and finally, avoid tobacco and alcohol.” Dr. Muruganathan, who is also an Adjunct Professor in the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, said that the theme of this year’s World Health Day, celebrated annually on April 7, was ‘High Blood Pressure.’


The aim of this theme was to raise awareness of high blood pressure and the ways for prevention and its complications.

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