Members of the public blocked Oppanakkara Street on Sunday morning after a traffic policeman reportedly behaved in a highhanded manner with a car owner.

According to sources, the trouble started when the traffic policeman Jagadeesan attempted to forcibly remove the sunscreen stickers on professor Jagadeesh’s car.

The sources said that the policeman had stopped Mr. Jagadeesh’s car on Oppanakkara Street saying that the vehicle had sunscreen stickers that were in violation of rules. Mr. Jagadeesh reportedly told the policeman that he was on his way to church, was ready to pay the fine and thereafter remove the stickers.

But the policeman refused to pay heed to the explanation, the sources said and added that when he attempted to remove the stickers a wordy duel broke out between the two. It escalated when the policeman forcibly took away the car keys.

Members of the public who were there, rushed to support the professor and also joined him in arguing with the policeman.

They later squatted on the road affecting the flow of traffic. Senior police officers rushed to the spot to pacify the agitated public.

They also brokered a truce between the two.

The Police later said that the Mr. Jagadeesh prevented a government servant from discharging his duty.

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