Parents affiliated to the Nallampalayam Amrita Vidyalayam Manavar Nala Petror Podhunalasangam on Monday petitioned the District Collector complaining that the management of a private matriculation school was threatening them saying that if they did not pay the fee the management fixed, their wards would be prevented from moving to the next class and be given transfer certificates.

Excess fees

The parents had told the Collector that for the past year or so they had been fighting against the school management’s efforts to collect excess fees.

The latest from the management was that it had sent circulars warning parents that their wards would not be admitted to the school in the next academic year.

They wanted to know if the school was not under the Tamil Nadu Government’s control, if the School Education Department officials were failing in their duty, or if the authorities concerned were biased in favour of the school.

Their complaints to the Inspector of Matriculation Schools and Chief Education Officer had not yielded the desired results because the officers had said that they did not have the rights to inspect the school.

The fee determination committee had fixed fee for the school. But the school management claimed that it followed Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus.

It was not true because their wards were being taught only Samacheer Kalvi syllabus text books, the parents complained.

Action sought

They also said that if the fee determination committee had not fixed any fees for the CBSE system in the school, did the management has the liberty of fixing fees at will. Given the circumstances, the district administration should initiate action against the school, the parents appealed.