As part of 2012 Tea and Tourism Festival

A ‘Tea for Health’ run will kick off the 2012 Tea and Tourism Festival in this hill station, said the Executive Director, Tea Board, R. Ambalavanan, here on Saturday.

Inaugurating a two day seminar on “Universal Peace Day- Return to Nature, 12:12:12” organised by Uniramm trust, Tiruchuzhi, he said that the run would be flagged off on December 22, the first day of the three day festival christened ‘Ootea Fest’. Adverting to the objectives of the seminar, he pointed out that though on the one hand the development on the economic and technology fronts was impressive on the other conflicts on the social front are also on the rise.

The demand for natural resources was increasing. He lamented that focus was on self development at the cost of society. Though 98 per cent of the people are disciplined and follow the live and let live policy those belonging to the remaining two per cent have become a dominant force in practically all fields. Consequently, conflicts in governance, politics, religion etc have become the order of the day. Self- discipline was the need of the hour. People should start by resolving conflicts within their own families.

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