Officials from the Coimbatore Corporation began on Tuesday the enumeration of people and houses for the National Population Registry and Houselisting.

This exercise was the first phase of the Census 2011. The officials began at the house of Rural Industries Minister Pongalur N. Palanisamy and then collected the required details at the residence of District Collector P. Umanath.

Teams of enumerators then fanned out across the city for collecting the data required for the registry.

The Corporation said in a press release that National Population Registry and Houselisting was being done for the first time. This would go on till June 15. The Census 2011 would be carried out from February 9 to 28 that year.

The release said the four zones of the Corporation, consisting of 72 wards, had been divided into 1,835 enumeration blocks and these included 225 slums.

Totally, 1,788 enumerators were involved in carrying out the first phase. Their work would be overseen by 291 supervisors.

As many as 35 questions would be asked to house owners under the houselisting component of the ongoing process. And, 14 questions would be asked to them with regard to compiling the population registry.

The data provided to the enumerators would help in planning development in areas such as infrastructure, economy, agriculture, human resources, education and standards of living.

In Tirupur

Our Tirupur Staff Reporter adds:

The Census -2011 exercise commenced in the district on Tuesday with Collector C. Samayamoorthy becoming the first person to be listed in the decennial exercise.

A special team constituted under the leadership of Corporation Commissioner R. Jayalakshmi collected the details from Mr. Samayamoorthy.

Mayor K. Selvaraj and Minister for Highways and Minor Ports M. P. Saminathan were the next ones to be listed by the census officials.

As many as 4,590 enumerators and 775 supervisors, which include reserve officials, had been selected to collect the census data in the district.

Of them, 766 enumerators and 122 supervisors would be utilized exclusively within the Tirupur Corporation limits.

P. G. Stalin, Zonal Coordinator, Directorate of Census under Union Ministry of Home Affairs, told reporters that the census would be carried out in two phases.

“The first phase, called the House Listing and Housing Census, will be completed by July 15 in the district,” he said.

The second phase, called the Population Enumeration phase, would be conducted from February 9 to 28, 2011.

Mr. Stalin said that two set of data would be collected during the Census 2011, the 15th national census exercise since 1872, by the enumerators from each house.

“The first will relate to house listing and house census and the second one for the preparation of National Population Register (NPR),” he added.

To obtain data on House Listing and House Census, a total of 35 questions relating to possession of assets, water availability and type of latrines, among others, would be posed to the public during the exercise.

For the NPR, details of a person like his or her name, occupation, duration of stay at the present address and educational qualification would be collected.

“The information collected under the House Listing and House Census component will be confidential and it will not come under the purview of Right to Information Act,” Mr. Stalin said.

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