Workers of the National Textile Corporation (NTC) mills in the State will go on strike from Tuesday morning as the bonus talks held here on Monday failed.

Talks were held between representatives of the Joint Action Council of Coimbatore and Erode District Textile Mill Workers’ Unions and the NTC management in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner of Labour.

M. Arumugam, general secretary of the Coimbatore District Mill Workers’ Union, affiliated to the AITUC, said that the Council demanded that the total annual earnings of the workers should be considered to calculate bonus for the NTC workers. With the current system, the maximum bonus received by a worker was only Rs. 3,500 as the annual earnings taken into consideration for each worker was only Rs. 42,000 even if the income was higher, he said.

The management contended that it would not be possible to consider the total earnings as the NTC mills in the State were not making profit. Two rounds of talks were held between the management and the unions earlier.

About 5,500 workers in the seven NTC mills in the State would go on strike from Tuesday, Mr. Arumugam said.

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