About 5,000 mails were sent by the Corporation through ePost last month

For those who have to pay property tax arrears to the Coimbatore Corporation, the local body sent the reminder through the India Post’s ePost service this year.

About 5,000 mails were sent by the Corporation through the ePost last month. An official of the Department of Posts said that the department has tied-up with Coimbatore Corporation to send messages to the public regarding payment of water tax and property tax.

The facility was available at all its computerised post offices.

The sender would have to send a message by e-mail and this would be sent to the respective post office and hand-delivered to the recipient.

In the case of corporate companies, the service can be used to send statements, announcements, etc.

They can enrol their name as an ePost Corporate customer and use the log in identity allotted to book ePost messages from their computer.

The ePost message would be uploaded with it and would reach the respective post office within minutes.

A print out would be taken and delivered by the postman.

The customer can see the number of messages booked, messages printed, and the charges incurred from his log in account.

Though this service was being used by some customers in Coimbatore, the Corporation has used it to reach out to a large number of people.

An official of the Corporation said that the cost of sending the reminders through the ePost was lesser. The status of delivery of the ePost to the recipient is also available for the corporation, hence claims of non-receipt was not possible.

The facility was used for the first time here and only for property tax arrears and depending on the response, it would be continued.

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