The Corporation councillors representing Wards 41 and 45, S.P.A. Sait and K. Selvam (both from AIADMK), chose a novel method to register their protest against the ‘slothful' road development project conceived by the Corporation administration at Rs. 20 crore.

Alleging that the package had ignored his ward altogether, Mr. Sait recently brought four donkeys to the Corporation office only to submit his memorandum to those animals. Mr. Selvam joined the agitation since only very miniscule amount had been allocated under it to his ward despite that the roads by and large were in bad state.

Mr. Sait said repeated requests for improving the damaged roads in the wards had been falling into deaf ears and hence, he decided to submit the grievances of the public to the donkeys instead.

He said that some of the stretches in areas like Swarnapuri layout, Venketeswara Nagar and Kombai Thottam needed immediate repair.

Mr. Sait accused the authorities of dropping the road stretches in his ward from the final blueprint prepared.

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