Action follows electrocution of a 15-year-old boy

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) recently issued notices to some building owners in the city for constructing buildings close to the overhead power line. It has also appealed to the public to take the required precautions to avoid electrical accidents.

According to officials of Tangedco here, a 15-year-old boy had come into contact with a live power line when he tried removing a kite caught in the line and succumbed to injuries this month. One reason for the accident was that the house was built close to the overhead power line, without the required clearance space.

When consumers extend buildings, they should take into account the required clearance area from the overhead power line. In several buildings, the line is at a reachable distance. Last year, there were seven electrical-related accidents on construction sites in the city. These sites employ workers from other States and many of them are not aware of the dangers of overhead power lines. If the required clearance space is not available, then the construction materials that a worker carries may come in contact with the line and result in accidents. The Tangedco has also written to the local body to grant building plan approval only after ensuring that the site has the required clearance space, an official said.

Before constructing a building, the territorial Tangedco official must be contacted and the overhead power lines must be shifted, if they run close to the building. Construction workers and children should be educated on the dangers posed by electricity lines. The standard clearance space should be maintained between the overhead line and a building.

The Tangedco has also said in a press release that the public should use electrical gadgets that have the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) mark and quality of electrical works should not be compromised for cost. Earth leakage protection device should be provided in all electrical installations with minimum connected load of five kw. Electrical wiring in a building should be checked regularly. If the consumers notice a snapped electrical line, then they should inform the nearest electricity board office and ensure that no one goes near the line. Lorries should not be parked near transformer structures while loading or unloading cargo. Domestic animals should not be tied to an electric post, and all electrical gadgets should be switched off in the case of thunder storm or lightning.

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