City police have arrested a Nigerian national, Victor Bayem (30), on the charge of possessing a fake passport and fake U.S. dollars.

It is learnt that Victor Bayem along with his friend Micksy Ossey (29) approached an electronics shop on Cross Cut Road and wanted to buy a camera. They reportedly told the shop keeper that they have only US dollars. The neighbouring shop owner Md.Rafi stepped in to help them. The duo handed over two US dollar currency notes of each $100 denomination and took Rs 8,600 from Md.Rafi. On getting the Indian rupees, they displayed a sense of urgency to leave the place. Turning suspicious, the shop keepers secured Victor Bayem while the other managed to escape. They were handed over to the police. Inquiries revealed that both were staying in India on a fake passport and the US dollars that they exchanged were fake. A man hunt has been launched for Micksy Ossey.

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