A male child, born around April 25, and abandoned soon after, was handed over to Peace Society, an adoption centre at Kalapatti near the city on Tuesday.

The child was being treated at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) after it was brought there on April 26. Dean of CMCH V. Kumaran handed over the child to the authorities of the centre. Resident Medical Officer P. Sivaprakasam was present.

The driver of an ambulance operated by the Emergency Management Research Institute found the baby in a garbage bin at Thudialur, a suburb north of the city, on April 26. He brought the child to the hospital, where it was treated for abrasions and septicaemia.

The hospital said the number of abandoned babies being brought to it was higher this year. Only seven babies were handed over or abandoned at the hospital the whole of last year. This year, the number touched seven by the end of April, including the one handed over Tuesday.

The Dean and other authorities said people should not abandon newborns in dangerous places. They could be left at the hospital where proper care would be given first and a home next.

The hospital was now treating a child suffering from congenital hydrocephalus. The six-month-old girl child has an abnormally large head. Doctors were planning a thorough investigation to decide what form of treatment could be provided.

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